Friday, April 3, 2009

The Short List to Preparation - Inventory, Insurance, Important Documents

This month is General Conference, a great time to take inventory on many levels and to review the goals we have covered this year. In 6 months, the next General Conference, you can remember to update and renew your information.

Take pictures and/or video recordings of all your possessions
Create an inventory chart or spread sheet with description, serial number, price paid, where it is stored, where reciepts and appraisals are kept, and notes for family history.
Document EVERYTHING, including food storage, fixtures, and heirlooms.
Send a copy to trusted contact at least 50 miles away with important numbers and documents. You may also want a copy in a safe deposit box.
Place a copy in your 72 hour kit.
Fireproof safes are wonderful but during a house fire the temperatures will destroy recorded discs and negatives.
Always have a backup plan, and that means one or more backups of each important document.

Ask Yourself the following 3 Questions and review the article Insurance: Part of Being Prepared
Do I have enough insurance to rebuild my home?
Do I have enough insurance to replace all of my possessions?
Do I have enough insurance to protect my assets in case of a lawsuit?

Important Documents
Create 1 or more folders of all your important documents
Look to the helpful links on the side bar for lists and suggestions to consider while creating this folder, i.e. birth certificates, titles, health records, church records, etc.
Make copies to give to a trusted contact person out of your immediate area.